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Two-Story Sheds to Fit Your Big Vision

These gorgeous two story sheds give you endless potential. Here, you choose between 16'x16', 16'x20', and 16'x24' sizes - each with an 8' wall height - and you get a whole second level complete with stairs, making the perfect upstairs haven – ideal as a guest loft, man cave, workroom, or additional storage space. This luxurious building gives you all our most deluxe elements. You get strong 2x4 construction and a drip edge to protect your shed from weather  - you can even choose to upgrade to a steel service door or garage door for even more convenient entry. Even better, your Everest shed comes with a 10-year, top-to-bottom warranty – so you know we’ve got your back.

Large Shed With Plenty of Room to Grow

This beautiful two story shed space is the answer to your every need. Got family visiting from out of town? Here, you’ve found the ideal guest house. No more feeling cramped during those long family visits. Now, the in-laws, grandparents, or family friends have their very own space to spread out and relax, so you can keep your house to yourself, and every visit is less stressful and way more fun. Been longing for a Man Cave or She Shed where you can spread out, work on your own projects, or just chill and watch a movie without the the kids or spouse interrupting? Your search ends here. This 2 story shed complete with stairs gives you a sanctuary of solitude and quiet; where you can finally enjoy that much needed alone time.

If you’re looking for a hobby room, home office, art studio, or exercise barn; this two story building fulfills your wildest dreams. At last, you have a space to organize your stuff, focus on important work, and simply escape from the grind of everyday life in your house. After all, who can concentrate with kids arguing, the radio on, the washer and drier going, or the family clambering for dinner? Simply escape your home, walk a few feet out back, and enter into your huge, fully personalized haven of happiness.

Even better, because your Everest is a two story building, you can create a multi-use shed; using the upstairs for storage or a guest space, and the lower level for your workshop, office, or studio. And remember, the Everest can be customized to your heart’s content. Add your choice of windows, gables, cupolas, and window boxes, and make your shed even more convenient with ramps, shelving, workbenches, or wall racks. Here’s a chance to make something truly your own; fitting your backyard, shed with two story's to your specific needs and vision.

Get your Everest shed today, and upgrade your whole lifestyle to new levels of pleasure and convenience.

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  16'x16' Everest 16'x20' Everest 16'x24' Everest
Common Size (w x d x h) 16' x 16' x 19'-2" 16' x 20' x 19'-2" 16' x 24' x 19'-2"
Actual Interior Dimensions (w x d) 192" x 192" 192" x 240" 192" x 288"
Actual Floor size 192" x 192" 192" x 240" 192" x 288"
Peak Height 230" 230" 230"
Cubic Feet Storage 4107 5134 6160
Side Wall Height 108" 108" 108"
Double Door Opening Width 64" 64" 64"
Double Door Opening Height 72" 72" 72"
Wall Framing/ Construction 2x4 2x4 2x4
Roof Rafters 2x4 2x4 2x4
Floor Joist Spacing 16" 16" 16"
Stud Spacing 16" 16" 16"
Overhang length (Front) 5.5" 5.5" 5.5"
Overhang length (sides) 3.75" 3.75" 3.75"
Roof Pitch  5/12 5/12 5/12
Maximum Roof Load (lb./ sq. ft.)  30 30 30
Maximum Wind Resistance (mph)  90 90 90
Assembled Weights 1954 lbs. 2254 lbs 2554 lbs.
Continuous piano hinges included Yes Yes Yes
Aluminum threshold included Yes Yes Yes
Type of handle included Keyed locking "L" handle Keyed locking "L" handle Keyed locking "L" handle
Warranty 10-year top-to-bottom warranty 10-year top-to-bottom warranty 10-year top-to-bottom warranty
Exterior Latex Paint Trim (qt) 3 3 3
Exterior Latex Paint Siding & Doors (Gal) 4 4 4
Caulk Needed 6 6 7

Before You Buy

What you should know before your purchase:

  • We will contact you within three business days after purchase to schedule a tentative shed installation date.
  • 3ft. of clearance around your entire shed is required. 4ft. if larger than 160 sq. ft.
  • Installation site needs to be cleared and prepared to within 6in. of level.
  • Check with your HOA for any local building code requirements prior to purchase.
  • Access to electricity is required within 150ft.
  • Prices do not include painting, optional accessories, permits, zoning, excavating, slab, set back advice and out of level.
  • We will install on concrete slab in place of wood floor. Slab must meet size and level requirements. No price adjustment or floor materials will be given due to additional labor and concrete anchors required.
  • Painting is not included with purchase. We advise to paint the exterior of our second story sheds with a quality latex paint and caulk all critical joints. Our warranty requires that all exposed surfaces need to be painted within 30 days after installation.


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  1. Shed was helpful when Covid hit

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Sep 2021

    We hired Backyard Buildings to build us a shed in our backyard to allow space for a wood shop and storage for my teenage son's lawncare business. The shed was installed and inspected in two days. A few years later, the windows and doors still work perfectly and there has been no signs of movement.

    When covid struck, we were a family with two kids doing schoolwork from home and I was also working from home for some time. The shed allowed me to set up an office on the second floor so that my work calls were not interfering with the kids zoom classes.

    If I would ever need to purchase again, I would purchase from Backyard Builders and More.

  2. End result was a good product

    Posted by Doug B. on 28th May 2018

    Two story Everest was a sizeable project with all building permits required to be obtained. Safety glass for window by stairs was not supplied and customer needed to modify stairs to pass inspection. Overall quality is good.

  3. Awesome Building

    Posted by Veronica Tussey on 8th Mar 2017

    I love the building its self customer service is something different. A week after the building was built it rained the sky light, windows and doors all leaked. I called in they told me it was my responsibility to seal it. I also bought a shed they never finished. They did not bring enough trim to finish the trim out and never returned to finish it. and the first good wind the door fell off when the wind caught it.

  4. Barn built in three days !

    Posted by D. George on 3rd Mar 2017

    Two real good carpenters from Alabama built our barn. We are very pleased with the purchase.
    I built double Dutch doors on the front and had the optional stairway built.
    Standup loft is a big plus. We went with the 16x20 size and I probably should have gone with 24 feet. But this is a nice size with plenty of storage.
    delivered the material. Driver of forklift was a pro. No trouble on my steep driveway

  5. Great installers.

    Posted by D. Lee on 26th Nov 2016

    Building materials were delivered first and the installers came the very next day. Provided great customer service. Had the building up in a few hours. Very friendly and professional.

  6. Love our new rental

    Posted by Dan on 27th Jul 2016

    The crew had our building up in 3 days.They did a great job but still need more experience when it comes to installing the roll up garage door.We are very happy it's built with all 2x6's making the building extremely structurally sound. We now have power and water inside and are making moves to rent it out as a small apartment.

  7. Better quality than i expected

    Posted by Jason on 1st Mar 2016

    I used the Fort Worth location. Group (4 people) showed up on time and worked efficiently. I was nervous with the price being ~40% less than the other prices i was finding, but the materials were good and the crew knew exactly what they were doing. Turns out they're all house framers as well so lots of experience with this type of project

    Project was completed in just over 8 hours, including decking the entire second story of this 16x24 building.

    This was a remote site, running on a generator, dealing with cactus, and they still did very well. Solid job cleaning up (only a couple pieces they missed), all very polite, all Americans.

    I have no regrets; I was very happy with the final product. My installer was Al and I recommend him to anyone in the North Texas area

  8. outstanding purchase

    Posted by charly on 22nd Oct 2015

    Took 4 days to erect building. Was never more satisfied with any purchase I ever made. My installer's name was Gregg. Great guy, great craftsman just a great all around guy.
    My only complaint is that untreated pine was used for gable trim work. At most using this wood saved 8-10 dollars. Might want to consider paying extra to get treated wood if it is a option.
    Other than t G at I am totally satisfied

  9. Awesome

    Posted by Norman Wellman on 20th Apr 2015

    This was by far one of my very best purchases. My expectations were more than met. It is my pride & joy & the envy of all my friends & family. Also, the builders were the best - very professional & friendly. They took time to explain the process to me as they were building. I highly recommend this company & its product.

  10. Great building, poor carpenter "People skills"

    Posted by William Bruns on 24th Nov 2014

    The building is acceptable however, I thought it would have been made out of thicker siding. Biggest drawback was as advertised building was to take 2 to 2 1/2 days to construct, mine took almost 3 weeks. Window was damaged, materials delivered were short in quantity, carpenter was "Nailgun Crazy", why slam in 3 to 5ive nails to join 2 X 4 structure when 2 would be plenty if placed correctly? Also nailing of siding was hit and miss, carpenter hit the trigger on the nail gun and missed the 2 X 4 structure many, many times leaving holes in the siding. Local manager had to come out to resolve issues with the building and carpenter. The building could use a bit more overhang both on the sides and gables to devert rainy weather from running down the siding. Some rebate would be appropriate.

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