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Ideal Destination for Work, Play, or Storage

Sturdy and spacious; this elegant, craftsman-inspired design is the ultimate garden storage shed, work studio, or awesome backyard getaway. This state-of-the-art shed comes with its own loft – perfect for getting your extra belongings organized, and for keeping your work space clear and available. Extra wide, 64” double doors make it easy to wheel your larger equipment in and out, and allow plenty of fresh air on sunny summer days. You get a 7’ sidewall height, so you can easily stow those important long-handled tools or taller equipment. Even better, the 12'x10' Glendale comes complete with a fully-functional window, complete with shutters and an eye-catching flowerbox, and two vents. All your backyard needs are met with the Glendale; helping you meet your goals, stay organized, and live every day to its very fullest.

Add a Touch of Elegance to your Backyard Garden

This shed is the perfect storage solution for stowing all your important gardening tools, an exceptional spot to pot new seedlings and plants, an idyllic hideaway where you can work on your art or DIY projects, or simply a great home office. The Glendale gives you a highly functional destination that adds a dash of real style to your backyard. Of course, with the Glendale, all the best add-ons included in the package; from the huge, gorgeous window, working shutters, and flowerbox, to the organizational shelving and wide, overhead loft. This means your shed comes all set and ready to go. And of course, you still have tons of elements you can customize; whether you choose additional windows for even more natural light, added racks for stowing rakes or shovels, or a ramp for wheeling in heavier equipment. No more longing for your very own garden storage shed, no more wishing for an office where you can start that new business, and no more feeling cramped in your own home. Now, you’ve got the affordable, long-lasting solution you’ve been dreaming of – just steps from your backdoor.

We can’t wait to give you the 12'x10' Glendale garden shed; the exceptional outdoor storage solution you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re looking for a shed for garden storage, a luxurious home office, or just a place to chill out at the end of a long day - you’re search ends here. At last, you have the dedicated space you need to make your life more convenient and organized than ever before.

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Common Size (w x d x h) 12' x 10' x 10'-0"
Actual Interior Dimensions (w x d) 120" x 144"
Actual Floor size 120" x 144"  
Peak Height 123.5
Cubic Feet Storage 1005
Side Wall Height 84"
Double Door Opening Width 64"
Double Door Opening Height 72"
Wall Framing/ Construction 2x4
Roof Rafters 2x4 
Floor Joist Spacing 16"
Stud Spacing 24"
Overhang length (Front) 9"
Overhang length (sides) 6"
Roof Pitch  6/12
Maximum Roof Load (lb./ sq. ft.)  30
Maximum Wind Resistance (mph)  90
Assembled Weights 1425 lbs.
Accessories/Options included Large Window, Shutters, Flowerbox, Loft & Shelves, Gable Vents
Continuous piano hinges included? Yes
Aluminum threshold included? Yes
Type of handle included Keyed Chomed "L" Handle w/ Multi Point Lock
Warranty 7-year top-to-bottom warranty
Exterior Latex Paint Trim (qt) 1
Exterior Latex Paint Siding & Doors (Gal) 2
Caulk Needed 3

Before You Buy

What you should know before your purchase:

  • We will contact you within three business days after purchase to schedule a tentative shed installation date.
  • 3ft. of clearance around your entire shed is required. 4ft. if larger than 160 sq. ft.
  • Installation site needs to be cleared and prepared to within 6in. of level.
  • Check with your HOA for any local building code requirements prior to purchase.
  • Access to electricity is required within 150ft.
  • Prices do not include painting, optional accessories, permits, zoning, excavating, slab, set back advice and out of level.
  • We will install on concrete slab in place of wood floor. Slab must meet size and level requirements. No price adjustment or floor materials will be given due to additional labor and concrete anchors required.
  • Painting is not included with purchase. We advise to paint the exterior of our wood sheds with a quality latex paint and caulk all critical joints. Our warranty requires that all exposed surfaces need to be painted within 60 days after installation.


  1. Nice shed but not much more

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Sep 2021

    The materials of the shed are nice and sturdy. If you’re going to paint the shed yourself, prepare yourself for at least a whole day or work. The window box that came with the shed did not match the style of the shed whatsoever. I ended up removing the window box. The two men that came to install the shed were not respectful of how I asked them to bring the materials in. He actually did the opposite of what I had asked after reiterating how it should be done. His poor co-worker was being bossed around and doing 90% of the work.

  2. Nice shed overall

    Posted by Rick Lohr on 28th Sep 2021

    I bought the shed here because it could be built right on my lot. I didn't want to take any fence posts out to get a pre-built through. The shed turned out to be very nice especially since I was able to paint and shingle it to match my house, and lay out the workbenches inside any way I wanted them. I put them along all the walls and it has worked out great. The one longevity problem I have had is that the flower boxes fell apart within a year. I replaced one and it fell apart too. You can't keep them adequately watered anyhow in such a small planter so just avoid them altogether.

    The other bad part was that they didn't allocate enough time for the poor guy they sent to actually do the job. I basically helped him the whole time and it was still a two day job. The bright side of that was that I was able to assure the quality of the build job.