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Sun-Soaked Garden Storage

The ultimate, sun-soaked backyard greenhouse shed, or luxurious light-filled project room. Here, you get a sturdy, long-lasting building with a spacious interior perfect for your next gardening season or craft project. With 509 cubic feet of space, huge overhead windows, and optional adjustable vents that can control your indoor temperature; this structure is truly state-of-the-art. Your new shed is specially built to maximize solar exposure. You get premium 2x4 construction to withhold even the most dramatic weather, and we give you 25-year asphalt shingles in your choice of color, and a convenient, 10-year warranty on every aspect of your new shed. Whether you’re preparing a brand new crop of tomatoes, getting ready to pot your next batch of seedlings, or simply want a warm and sunny spot for your next craft project; the Aurora Greenhouse Shed is the choice for you.

Potting Shed

Been dreaming of growing a better backyard garden than ever before? Want to have some more control over your crops? Looking to nurture your seedlings in a sunlit haven? Or, are you simply searching for a great, well-lit room to write, relax, or sip your early morning coffee before pushing off to work? This world-class potting shed gives you a climate-controlled environment where anything is possible. One of our favorite and most popular solar shed options, this idyllic garden retreat makes your next growing project a winner. 

From gardening projects to deluxe relaxation, the Aurora potting shed gives you the oasis of calm and sunlight you’ve always wanted.


With its huge windows, you’ll be soaked in luxurious sunlight; free to daydream and garden to your heart’s content.

Climate Control

Today’s ecologically minded backyard gardeners are thinking about more than maintenance. More and more people are turning toward growing their own food all year round; using green technology and finding alternative ways to enjoy natural sunlight during the winter months. With the power vent option, you have the power to control the climate inside. This accessory includes a thermostat so you can regulate the climate based on your plant’s needs. With the Aurora greenhouse shed, you can truly become a master backyard gardener overnight!

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  10'x8' Aurora
Common Size (w x d x h) 8' x 10' x 9'-3"
Actual Interior Dimensions (w x d) 92.50" x 120"
Actual Floor size 92.50" x 120"
Peak Height 111.88
Cubic Feet Storage 509
Side Wall Height 72"
Double Door Opening Width 64"
Double Door Opening Height 72"
Wall Framing/ Construction 2x4
Roof Rafters 2x4
Floor Joist Spacing 16"
Stud Spacing 24"
Overhang length (Front) 0"
Overhang length (sides) 0"
Roof Pitch  7/12&15/12
Maximum Roof Load (lb./ sq. ft.)  30
Maximum Wind Resistance (mph)  90
Assembled Weights 897 lbs.
Continuous piano hinges included? Yes
Aluminum threshold included? No
Type of handle included Keyed locking "L" handle
Warranty 10-year top-to-bottom warranty
Exterior Latex Paint Trim (qt) 2
Exterior Latex Paint Siding & Doors (Gal) 2
Caulk Needed 2

Before You Buy

What you should know before your purchase:

  • We will contact you within three business days after purchase to schedule a tentative shed installation date.
  • 3ft. of clearance around your entire greenhouse building is required. 4ft. if larger than 160 sq. ft.
  • Installation site needs to be cleared and prepared to within 6in. of level.
  • Check with your HOA for any local building code requirements prior to purchase.
  • Access to electricity is required within 150ft.
  • Prices do not include painting, optional accessories, permits, zoning, excavating, slab, set back advice, out of level or delivery beyond 50 miles.
  • We will install on concrete slab in place of wood floor. Slab must meet size and level requirements. No price adjustment or floor materials will be given due to additional labor and concrete anchors required.
  • Painting is not included with purchase. We advise to paint the exterior of our wood sheds with a quality latex paint and caulk all critical joints. Our warranty requires that all exposed surfaces need to be painted within 30 days after installation.


  1. It is just what I wanted

    Posted by Joyce on 11th Apr 2020

    For a 'kit' shed the contractor who set it up did a great job. Kenny was like sending Picasso with a 'paint by number kit' and expecting a masterpiece. He came with his young apprentice helper and was a patient teacher as he worked. This shed is not simple to assemble and Kenny made everything fit and look good. A couple of minor issues and he came back to fix those also. Compared prices of kits delivered that you do it yourself, and this was a bargain. I think the contractor should be paid more for the time it took build this 'medium' shed. I would post a photo but I don't see a place here to do that. I would give the design and installation a 5 star, but the materials are not top notch so they get a 3. Paint and care and it will do what I want from it. Now that I have it, I can see and decide what solar shades I want, living in the south that is a must for summer time.

  2. Disappointing

    Posted by Backyard Buildings Customer on 24th Oct 2017

    The greenhouse shed is a great idea, however the materials are mediocre quality: pressboard , knotty 2x4s. The installation process was a long, discouraging process with many errors that had to be redone...such as cracked 2x4s, lock and handle inadequately installed, the window was placed flush against the door instead of centered on the wall. There were many misunderstandings and miscommunications. The customer service department at headquarters did their best to work out and correct most problems and we appreciate that. Our recommendation if you really like this shed is to buy it at Home Depot and either install it yourself or hire an independent contractor.

  3. Product might have been great, but builder was terrible

    Posted by Backyard Buildings Customer on 29th Aug 2017

    We returned the Solar Shed as the builder who came to our house was rude and not in the mood to build the shed.
    If Backyard Buildings wants a fully satisfying experience, selecting good customer-facing partners should be improved!

  4. Love my She'd!

    Posted by Backyard Buildings Customer on 25th Nov 2016

    Best idea I ever had to have a garden she'd built next to my garden. Can not only start my plants from seeds, but it stores all my stuff I need.

  5. Just as advertised!

    Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on 25th Nov 2016

    I love my new solar greenhouse shed. It is just as advertised and I hope will give me years of pleasure as the centerpiece of my soon to be landscaped garden. The company who installed the shed was excellent in their customer service area and the installer did a great job.

  6. We love it!

    Posted by Backyard Buildings and More Customer (customer did not leave name) on 27th Jul 2016

    We love the shed...and have even thought about buying a second one!

  7. THEE Best Shed ever built!

    Posted by Jeanne & Joe Miller on 27th Jun 2014

    My husband and purchased the Aurora Solar Shed last year it is absolutely beautiful. What an upgrade for our backyard! The shed has decorative windows to let the sunshine in along with an additional window we wanted to add. There is a beautiful cedar bench inside. The shed holds everything for our yard work needs and has additional space available. I would recommend this shed. A+ Service! A+ Product!

  8. Dear Raymond: Thanks

    Posted by Jayden on 21st Sep 2013

    Dear Raymond: Thanks so much for leaving a cnmmeot! I'm glad the shed has inspired you to take on a project of your own. I actually demoed the house on the property for the Hobbit house I will be building just last weekend.Once I clear up all the debris I will put some pictures on these pages. Thanks again for writing and good luck with your project!Sincerely,Jim

  9. I was skeptical about this greenhouse / or solar shed. But I love it.

    Posted by Ryan Verlander on 11th Oct 2012

    I am so glad I didn't try to install it because I would have never been able to figure it out. I am not that handy. My wife is going to use this so much. More time for me to watch football on Sunday. Great looking shed that is perfect as a greenhouse and storage building.