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When it comes to accessories, we have your storage needs covered. No storage building would be complete without accessories. Accessorizing your shed will not only make your shed visually appealing, it will add functional purpose too. See what accessories will complement your style. Note: Some accessories may not be available on certain models.

Ventilation and Other Functional Accessories

Vents Vents: Lets Fresh Air In, Dirty Air Out

Quick Facts: Allows fresh air to circulate inside your shed results in:
-Less condensation
-Evaporation of hazardous odors
-Heat reduction

True or False: An airtight shed is a high quality shed?
Hopefully you answered false. Airtight storage sheds are also musty places where the odor of tools and gasoline lingers. Vents allow for some ventilation, much as an attic is ventilated. They're essential for larger buildings or any shed that stores gasonline powered tools and equipment. If you plan on storing gasoline powered equipment inside without any means of ventilation, your shed may be a potential fire hazard.

Ventilation Fan Power Ventilation: When you Need More Power

Quick Facts: Removes excess heat and brings in cool, fresh air.
When the standard vents are not enough, why not force air into your solar shed?

Comes with thermostat and provides important air circulation, removes excess heat, and draws in cool, fresh air. The 12" fan moves up to 760 cu. ft. of air per minute!

*Only available on our Solar Shed. View our solar shed by clicking here.

Ridge Vents Ridge Vents: When hot air rises, ridge vents come to the rescue!

Quick Facts: Remove heated air from inside the roof space.

A ridge vent, when properly installed, will allow the hot air that collects to escape as it rises in your shed. Since sheds are relatively small, there isn't a lot of area for the hot air to collect making some sheds extremely hot. Ridge vents will help ventilate your storage building significantly. Adds ventilation at roof peak. Use multiple for larger buildings.

Drip Edge Drip Edge: Keeps the Integrity of your Shed Intact.

Quick Facts: The main purpose of a drip edge is to stop water from going back under the shingles.

Without drip edges, moisture may find its way underneath the shingles and will cause premature rot and decay. No shed should be built without a drip edge.

*Package includes roofing felt and aluminum edge drip.

Decorative Accessories

Large Cupola and Weathervane Large Cupola and Weathervane: Add History and a Distinctive Decorative Piece to your Shed.

Quick Facts: Weathervanes have been used as an artistic decoration piece since the 9th century. They were once used on Viking ships and Scandinavian churches.

Weathervanes have been used as an artistic decoration piece since the 9th century. They were once used on Viking ships and Scandinavian churches.Weathervanes have been used as an artistic decoration piece since the 9th century. They were once used on Viking ships and Scandinavian churches.

Dormers Dormers: Make your Shed Look Like Home.

A dormer is a popular addition to storage buildings because it allows extra light inside and extra headroom. We think they look pretty cool too!

*Sold individually

Flower Boxes Flower Boxes: Make your Backyard Shed Stand Out.

If you want to add more color to your storage shed, a flower box is the perfect choice for you. This heavy duty flowerbox is virtually maintenance free. All you have to do is add the soil and flowers.

*Comes in small and large. Also available on gazebos.

Shed Shutters Add More Style to your Shed with Shutters.

The main function of shutters is to beautify the exterior of the shed and to blend in the appearance of the windows. While they are not necessary to add to a building, shutters make windows look much more visually appealing.

*Comes in small and large. Not available on all sheds.

SkylightsSkylights: Lets Natural Light Inside so you won't be in the Dark.

The sun is a wonderful source of natural light. Why waste it? Adding a skylight let's in daylight so you can easily see your tools and equipment without the need for electricity. Since you won't need electricity during the day to work inside your shed, you will save money!

Security Accessories

Security Accessories3 Point Locking System: Your Shed is an Investment; Make Sure you Protect your Valuables!

You make sure that your home is locked when you leave and during the night to protect your family and your investments. Why wouldn't you want to protect your items in your shed? Without a heavy-duty lock, sheds can be an easy target for criminals. More and more shed thefts are being reported every day. Make sure you're prepared to keep criminals out of your shed. *Not available on our line of Value Series sheds.Security Accessories

Shelving and Storage

ShelvesShelves: Making Organization Easy

Without shelves, you would have to store all your items on the floor. You would run out of space very quickly. Pre-built shelves can be easily added to the wall of sheds. Shelves allow you to organize your tools and other items away from the ground which opens up more floor space.

*Comes in different lengths

WorkbenchesWorkbenches: Fully Functional Storage Space

In addition to storage, a workbench can be a great place to complete tasks such as painting, woodworking and other hobbies. If you plan on using your shed for woodworking or gardening projects, a workbench is essential.

*Comes in different lengths

Storage LoftStorage Loft: Take Advantage of your Overhead Space.

Lofts give you even more overhead space. Added near the roof, lofts give you options to store equipment that you do not use regularly. As you can see in the picture above, lofts can open up much more room.

*Available on Gambrel style sheds only.

Foundation Options

Heady-Duty FlooringHeavy-Duty Flooring: Store Heavy Objects

If you plan on storing heavy objects such as motorcyles, tractors or Jet Ski's, upgrade from standard flooring to our heavy duty floor. It is 20% thicker! Don't let a weak floor slow you down! Our flooring consists of 3/4in. pressure treated plywood.

Wood and Metal RampsWood and Metal Ramps: Moving Wheeled Equipment In and Out of your Shed Made Easy.

Our wood and metal ramps can accommodate vehicles such as ATVs, tractors, motorcycles and go-karts. Perfect for the outdoorsmen type.

Metal AugersMetal Augers: The Ultimate Tool to Secure your Newly Built Shed

Our 30 inch metal tie down augers dig into the ground below your foundation to keep your building safe and secure. They're used most often in regions with severe weather such as hurricanes. The U.S regions that are most vulnerable to hurricanes are Gulf Coast cities, including Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama and Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida.

Use the chart below to determine if your area is susceptible to high winds.

sheds-installed-in-hurricane-areas.pngwind zones chart

Resource: Mid-America Regional Council



Pick your desired color of shingles. The colors we offer are black, dark brown, driftwood, light brown and white. When picking your color of shingles, keep in mind the color you plan on painting your shed.

shingles full layered shingle driftwood shingles-light-brown.jpg
shingles dark brown shingle black  


*To purchase any of our fine accessories, you must order a building or any of our outdoor entertainment structures.