Benefits of Getting Exercise Under a Gazebo

Exercising outside is a must for many people. Feeling the air and sunshine on my face stimulates me, energizes me and motivates me to work out harder, better and longer. But without a good space for outdoor exercise, options can be limited. Using a gazebo for your outdoor exercise opens up the door to other … Continued

Turn Your Shed into a Guard Shack

So, you need a guard shack for your gated community or place of business. Whatever your needs, it’s always easier to convert something that’s pre-made rather than starting from scratch. Sheds are made to be all-purpose buildings. It can be very simple to turn a shed into a guard shack Why You Should Use a … Continued

Origin of the Naming of Our Tack Room Sheds

One of our most unique shed offerings is called a tack room shed. This attractive shed style has a unique history. Often called a a “salt box” or ranch style shed, offers a steep front roof pitch roof and a shallower back roof pitch. A rectangular building, many people prefer this style of shed for … Continued

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