Did you Know Garage Sheds Can Serve Many Purposes?

You have worked so hard tweaking, modifying and testing your 1965 Corvette. The deep throaty sound of the engine is music to your ears. Then, suddenly you hear your wife yell “Have you cleaned out that garage yet?” You have collected many different tools and equipment over the years and your family continues to need more space.  It’s … Continued

How to Maximize Space in Your Shed

Shed Organization Tips:   Sheds have one common function in life; storage. Most people store their lawn equipment and tools in sheds. The idea is to avoid having a garage that looks like the one on the left. If you have a garage that looks similar to that picture, don’t feel ashamed. Millions of Americans … Continued

Storage Ideas for Sheds with Lofts

Suffering from chronic disorganization or pack-rat syndrome? Adding a loft to your wooden shed, especially in a barn style sheds building, can cure all of your storage ills—and it can be used in other nifty ways, too. Whether you already have a loft or are considering one, we have some ideas on how to help … Continued