History of Gazebos as Seen in Backyard Gardens and Beyond…

Gazebos have been a long standing slice of history. The gazebo’s structure from gardens to public parks, or lavish weddings to simply  relaxation, the gazebo has dotted the landscape of history in many different cultures and has historically symbolized prosperity and serenity. Gazebos Historically Used for VIP’s Throughout history, gazebos have long been associated with … Continued

Amazing Facts about the History of Storage Sheds

Take a look at your backyard storage shed and ask yourself, is there anything remotely interesting about the history of this building? You’d probably answer no. It’s a four-walled building with a roof and it holds my stuff. Enough said. But wait! The history of sheds is actually pretty fascinating. Over time, sheds have changed … Continued

How Wood Playhouses Encourage Outdoor Play for Kids

I don’t know about you, but every chance my daughter gets to play in a spot that is different from her typical play areas, she wholeheartedly engages. Having a wood playhouse in your backyard can encourage your children to play outside simply because it is different than what they are used to. Even when they … Continued

Learn How Gazebos Can Transform your Backyard into a Beautiful Masterpiece

Gazebos can be a lovely addition to your backyard. A beautiful seating area, stunningly designed can add value, functionality, and visual appeal. Our variety of gazebos can offer your backyard functionality, grace, style and architectural appeal.   Pergolas for your Backyard   The Avalon Pergola adds functionality as well as beauty to your backyard. This free-standing pergola … Continued