Once Christmas is over, you’ll want to make sure that you organize your Christmas decorations in a way that they will be easier to get out next year.

Ways to Organize Christmas Decorations


  1. Store Christmas Ornaments (Ball Shaped) in Egg Cartons

Wrapping Christmas balls in newspaper is soooo 1980s! Save those egg cartons and stack them inside crates or storage bins for next year. No messy black hands after wrapping in newspaper. Easy to get in and out.

organize christmas decorations in egg carton
Source: Pinterest

2. Label, Label, Label

For all those tiny items like bows, ribbons and gift tags, get yourself a compartment drawer and label each one, making it easier to identify where things go.

label your Christmas decorations
Source: Good Housekeeping

3. Recycle Water Bottles

Save those water bottles and store your garland or smaller ornaments inside when Christmas is over. Easy to see next year and it won’t be all tangled up on the bottom of a box.

recycle water bottles with ornaments and garland
Source: Spare Foot Blog

4. Tennis Ball Canisters – Perfect storage idea for smaller ornaments

Tennis ball canisters work just as well as water bottles for all sorts of trinkets, small balls or more garland.

ways to organize Christmas ornaments
Source: Spare Foot Blog

5. Coat Hangers Make Great Light Storage

Coat hangers are a great way to store your lights. No more untangling!

christmas light storage idea
Source: Buzzfeed

6. Wrap Up a Box For Your Christmas Morning Trash

Not exactly storage, but this is a pretty awesome idea. Wrap up a cardboard box to serve as your Christmas morning gift wrap receptacle. It will keep the floor from being littered with paper and look way cuter in the background of your photos.

christmas storage boxes for presents
Source: Buzzfeed

7. Hang Your Wrapping Paper

Still using a box for wrapping paper storage? Or worse yet, wrapping paper rolls just sitting loose in the bottom of a closet? This awesome idea will blow you away!

way to store christmas wrapping paper
Source: The Chic Site

8. Hang Your Wreath All Year Long

Christmas wreaths don’t always store well in boxes. Instead, grab a bag and a hanger and keep it hangin’ throughout the year.

Hang your wreath
Source: Paige’s Party Ideas

Keep your Christmas Ornaments & Decorations Organized – No Excuses!

From egg cartons to hangers, this year don’t just dump all your Christmas decorations in a box at the end of the season. Keep it organized for next year with these fun DIY storage tips.

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