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Best Ways to Climate Control Backyard Shed

control climate inside shedClimate control your backyard storage shed with many possible solutions. Do you even need to climate control your shed? If you are simply using it for storage, the answer may still be yes. When you use your shed for entertainment, it becomes more necessary.

Why Should I Climate Control My Shed?

Making your shed climate controlled keeps the environment from extremes such as humidity, dryness, dust, heat and cold. If you are storing items like paperwork, books, furniture or expensive artwork, you will want to make sure your shed is climate controlled.

Another great reason to climate control your shed is when you use it for entertainment or enjoyment. Sheds used as offices, play rooms, bars and man cave sheds will need be climate controlled.

Traditional Climate Control

climate control shed


Air Conditioning:

The most obvious ways to climate control your shed is by installing air conditioning and heating systems that fit with your climate. Air conditioning units can be something as simple as a window unit or you can try a more sophisticated item like this Climate Right, which sits outside, like a more traditional cooling unit on a house. This unit installs as easily as drilling a couple of holes and plugging in, but works with more efficiency than a window unit.

space heater for shed



Heating your shed also has multiple options. You can use a small space heater for temporary heating. However, it’s not safe to heat a shed like this all the time. Space heaters need to be monitored and typically cannot run for longer than a few hours.

However, there are electric wall heaters appropriate for longer term use. These electric wall heaters  are a good middle ground between a space heater and a furnace.

For the top of the line storage shed heater, look up something like this Central Boiler, which can be installed to use like a more traditional furnace.

Environmentally Friendly Climate Control

Solar units are a more natural and eco-friendly option for climate control. Additionally, a solar unit shed comes prepped for climate control naturally. There’s nothing to install, unless you choose to add on some of our optional accessories at a later date.

The Aurora Solar Shed is a spacious greenhouse unit with eight feet of glass roof and four adjustable vents for excellent climate control. No need to add anything for basic climate control. However, our optional accessories can make it more comfy.  Solar shades that block 75 percent of the sunlight and 50 percent of the heat can make your hot climate feel cooler. Additionally, a power ventilation fan removes excess heat and brings in cooler air. Both of these accessories can be added to your solar shed in order to make your hot climate feel cool.

shed with climate control environment

Save Yourself Money & Effort By Setting Goals for Climate Control

Before choosing your route of climate control in your backyard shed, be sure to determine what your goals are for the long term and how often it will be necessary to keep your shed climate controlled. Less expensive options may cost you more in the long run if they don’t completely fit your needs. Likewise, more expensive options may not be worth it if you don’t need them.

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  2. RICKY says:


    • bdeitsch says:

      Good Morning Ricky,

      If your structure allows, you would have to cut a hole in the siding and make some type of bracket system to hold the A/C unit in place. We do not manufacture plastic or vinyl sheds, so we are not familiar with customization methods for the material. Good luck!

  3. Jan says:

    How high up on the wooden shed wall should we make the window for a heater/air conditioning unit? Ive heard the height location may make a difference in the efficiency of the unit. Especially when it’s cooling.

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