It may be hard to believe, what with the heat, but winter is coming and now is a good time to start planning your backyard DIY projects for the winter months.

Backyard DIY Projects for Fall and Winter


1. Build a Fire Pit

A DIY fire pit will be a delightful addition to your cozy winter backyard get togethers.

people gathered around an diy backyard fire pit
Source: Boxy Colonial

2. String Lights

Stringing lights around your pergola will make for a much warmer feel around the fire when you’re sitting outside on a brisk evening.

backyard pergola string lights
Source: Lovely Spaces

3. Install DIY Tiki Torches

Make some wine bottle tiki torches for under $4.

diy tiki torches made out of wine bottles
Source: Apartment Therapy

4. Make Ice Luminaries

Save this one for your dark and dreary days. It will really brighten up those chilly nights. Make ice luminaries.

ice luminaries
Source: One Little Project

5. Install Curtains on Your Pergola

Hang curtains around your pergola. It will make your winter nights much cozier and warmer.

Source: Personal Touch
Source: Personal Touch

6. Build a DIY Brick Pizza Oven

Grilling pizza outside is a fun winter activity. Keeps you warm and you end up with a tasty treat!

diy brick pizza oven
Source: Lifehacker

7. Lanterns

Make fire and ice lanterns. Similar to the ice luminaries, these are a fun way to brighten up those dull, dreary winter days.

diy ice lanterns
Source Mad In Crafts

DIY projects make your daily life a lot of fun. Make your cold winter days and nights even brighter and more enjoyable with these enchanting projects.

Have your own backyard DIY ideas you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment below.

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I love your ideas guys. You have some great posts.

Posted on January 24, 2017 at 6:55 am

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