greenhouse sheds for solar gardening
The Aurora make solar gardening during the winter possible.

If you think of solar gardening as a summer activity, think again! No matter what climate you live in, it is possible to garden in the winter. Turn your solar shed into a greenhouse for your winter garden. You’ll be able to eat fresh vegetables and get seedlings started all year round.

Solar sheds are multi-functional buildings that provide a large amount of natural light, making it easy to set up a winter garden.

Some of the features on our 509 square foot solar sheds are: functional storage space; power ventilation; solar shades; workbenches; and of course, nice big windows to let in lots of sunlight. All of these features make it easy to set up your garden. So let’s get started!

Solar Sheds Make Winter Gardening Easy

greenhouse gardening
Solar sheds help protect you and your plants from the harsh temperatures of winter.

There’s no way around it, if you like to garden, turning your solar shed into a greenhouse will get your winter gardening spirit revved up. Solar sheds provide shelter from the inclement weather and lots of sunshine.

The best way to set up your garden inside the solar shed is by using containers.container for winter harvesting

Container gardening is becoming very popular among apartment dwellers and rooftop gardeners. Using lots of pots with gardening soil can keep your garden humming along throughout the winter. You can also start seedlings in pots next to your growing plants and you’ll be all ready for spring gardening when the time comes.

If you think that one can’t have a full garden using containers only, check out this article on 66 Things You Can Grow in Containers.

If you prefer to garden the old-fashioned way, set up a pallet garden inside your solar shed and it will be easy to move once the weather warms up.

Solar Gardening Saves Money, Healthier for the Environment…

solar power ventilation fan
You can even choose the optional power ventilation fan to control the climate inside your shed.

Greenhouses and solar gardening are a big part of the future of gardening. As more and more people embrace the natural life, gardens are becoming mainstream.

Why only garden during certain times of the year? Using a solar shed to set up your greenhouse garden gives you control over what you eat 365 days out of the year. Rather than spending a ton of money on organic veggies at the grocery store or farmer’s market, keep your garden growing throughout the year. In the long run, you’ll save money, and invest back into a healthier environment.

Greenhouse gardening is certainly a luxury our forefathers didn’t have. In the past, everyone had gardens. Part of the convenience of our current society has been that we can get foods imported and eat out-of-seasons fruits and veggies.

However, we also know now that way of life is not sustainable. Imported foods are hard on our environment. It taxes our ecosystem in harmful ways.

Keep your garden growing throughout the winter and you can have your veggies…. and eat them too.

solar garden shed

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