bbq season shedBarbecue season is just around the corner! It’s time to gear up for your backyard summer activities. Make sure your equipment is cleaned up and ready and that your buildings are prepped for your extra visitors.

Clean Up Your Patio and Deck

A long winter can really take its toll on your backyard patio or deck. You don’t want to have guests over for a fun barbecue only to find out that your deck isn’t in as good of shape as it was last summer.

Take some time to ensure that it’s safe and clean. Examine all the materials closely.

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If your deck is made of wood, check for loose boards and soft spots. Replace any pieces of lumber that may have come loose or softened up due to inclement weather.

Check any railings for weakness and while you’re at it, check your steps for wobbling. Any loose areas are safety hazards and need to be replaced or repaired immediately.

Consider adding some accessories to spruce up your deck. Spruce up your party with some potted plants or add some flowers to the edges of your deck.

Clean Your Grill

barbecue grill cleaning tips
A clean grill is a safe grill. A dirty grill probably will leave a strange after taste too!

After sitting outside all winter long, your barbecue grill is likely to have some dirt on the inside and outside.

Start with the inside of your grill. You can clean the grates more than one way.

First run your burners for about 5 minutes. This will burn off a lot of residue. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to give your grill a good cleaning.

One way is to do a good dry scrubbing with an abrasive brush. Once you’ve scraped all the gunk off, then give it a good washing down with soap and water.

If your grill grates are particularly dirty or you don’t want to use your burners, mix up equal parts vinegar and water. Spray it down and let sit for an hour before wiping it down. The vinegar and water will soften up the residue, making it easy to wipe down.

Check Your Heating System

It’s always good to give your gas grill a leak test.

check gas propane levels
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To do this coat your regulator, valves and hoses with soapy water. Then turn on your tank to pressurize the system. Watch for bubbles. If you see bubbles, tighten up your connections. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to replace hoses and/or the tank.

Next up, check your propane levels. Make sure you have enough propane on hand to last throughout the summer/barbecue season. It’s always smart to keep an extra tank on hand in case you run out.

Check your grill for hot spots. Use some white bread and fire up the grill. If you have uneven heating, you’ll be able to tell where the hot spots are. You may need a new grill grate. You can add hard anodized aluminum to ensure even heat.

If you use a charcoal grill, empty out any ash residue and clean the grill grates. Then make sure you have enough charcoal stocked up for the season.

Once you’re done with cleaning the inside and checking your fuel supplies, wipe your grill down well on the outside. Residue can build up. Start your summer out with a nice, fresh grill.

backyard barbecue burgers
M’mm. Who’s hungry? Here are some tasty recipes for a backyard barbecue!

Bone up on Barbecue Recipes and Steak Seasoning

Don’t wing it when it comes to making sure you have the best tasting steaks and burgers.

Try out a few new recipes on the family before you have a large gathering. Your family probably won’t mind being your taste testers.

Here are a handful of great barbecue burger recipes:

Barbecue season is upon us. Make sure you’re prepared!

backyard gazebo bbq
Spring is here. Let’s make this summer unforgettable.

Do you have an unique area in your backyard for your barbecue’s? Feel free to share it with us using #backyardbbq. If you have some tasty BBQ recipes to share, we wouldn’t mind if you shared them too.