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10×12 Lexington shown.

Around my house, summertime means extra socializing, which can also mean extra entertaining. I love to have friends over. But in the summer, staying indoors isn’t always an option, especially if you have children. Even if you don’t have kids though, people like to mingle in and out of doors in the summer. Summer evenings, especially, call for outdoor entertainment. Instead of spending your whole summer keeping the bugs at bay in your home, here are some unique ways you can use your shed to entertain guests in your backyard.

Turn Your Shed Into the Ultimate Entertainment Destination

Pool house:

Need: Pavers or gravel; seating; shelves; a mirror; wall hooks for hanging suits and towels; extra towels; sunscreen; bug spray; pool toys; lounge chairs.

Turn Your Shed into a Pool House

In order to turn your shed into a pool house, you’ll need to make your shed a comfortable place to change and ready oneself for swimming. Install some comfortable and relatively waterproof seating. Wicker works great for pool houses. Hang some hooks for towel and swimsuit drying. Install a mirror so people can clean up after a swim. Stock your pool house with extra towels and other outdoor toiletries. You’ll also need a storage area for pool toys, loungers, pool noodles, and other pool amenities.

Outside Shed Turned Pool House

On the outside of your pool house, lay a nice path out to the pool. Use pavers or gravel to make a path. Also, add some lounge chairs just outside the door for folks who may not be quite ready to hit the pool.

outdoor poolhouse building
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Best Shed for a Pool House:
You will want to use one of our bigger model sheds to convert to a pool house, ensuring you have plenty of room to lounge. Try:

  • Our Aspen models are garage sized and come in 3 different dimensions, 16×16, 16×20, and 16×24. All 3 sizes provide ample space so choose the best size for your backyard and pool area.
  • These are perfect because they are factory primed and ready to paint so you can customize your pool house to match your backyard style.

Mini bar:

Need: bar; stools; liquor cabinet and/or shelves; mini refrigerator; wine rack; glasses; bar tiki bar shedartwork; music set up.

Turn Your Shed into a Mini Bar

Turning your shed into a backyard entertainment bar will make you the hit of the neighborhood! To turn your shed into a bar, you won’t need much to start with.

  • Install a bar and add some stools.
  • Fill up some shelves with your favorite liquors.
  • Add a wine rack and stock it with your favorite wines.
  • Add some glasses. Install a small refrigerator and fill it with mixers.
  • Add some music and you’re all set!

To make your backyard bar more festive you may want to add some fun bar art. Get some cool pub art on Great Big Canvas, All Posters.com, Urban Loft Art, Etsy has some cool stuff, and so does Art.com.

Best Shed for a Mini Bar:
Converting a shed into a mini bar is easy with smaller sized sheds. All you need is a bar top and some shelves! Try these:

  • Our Seneca series is the most economical line of sheds, perfect for simple conversions. With 3 sizes to choose from, you can pick what works best for your vision.


Need: toys; small furniture; cute rugs. Turning your shed into a playhouse can be as easy as pie. Kids are pretty easy to please.

Turn Your Shed into a Play House

They love to turn things into imaginary games. You’ll definitely want a shed with windows for this playhouse. Kids need light and air. Hang some airy flags around the door or across the roof outside. Toss down a cute rug and set up some small chairs and a table. Fill a toy box and the kids will take care of the rest! Check out a few decoration ideas from these Pinterest pins. So cute!

Best Shed for a Play House: We have sheds with great curb appeal that are perfect for playhouses. They look great while being functional at the same time.

  • Our Heritage series make great play houses since they are aesthetically pleasant without much modification. They will look great in your backyard and provide a space for kids to play. The Heritage series comes in 8 sizes for your convenience.
outdoor playhouse kids
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play house outdoor room for kids
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If you want to get extra creative, add a slide to your double decker playhouse shed.


wood playhouse shed

Game room:

foosballFor older children, turning your shed into a game room may be just the ticket you need to keep your kids happy all summer. Adolescents and teens want privacy from their parents. Having a shed equipped with a dartboard, a television or computer hooked up to video games, a Foosball table, pool table and a basketball hoop on the outside can be a great way to let your kids entertain, but keep them safe and under proper supervision. If this all sounds too expensive, check out your local Craigslist for good deals on these items. You’d be surprised how much you can save!

Backyard Sheds Can be Loads of Fun

Backyard sheds aren’t just for gardening tools anymore. Converting your shed into a fun area for entertaining is a great use for your backyard space. Make your summer more enjoyable by adding some entertainment value to your backyard.

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