Hey there, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, rather than heading to your local bar in town, why not head outside into your backyard and whip up a cocktail?

Backyard bar sheds are becoming the newest trend in outdoor living in the UK. Stay ahead of the curve and get your bar shed started right here in the U.S.

Turn your backyard shed into a bar and enjoy all the amenities of a sports bar or cocktail lounge right in your backyard. There’s no need to drink alone, have your friends over for happy hour and enjoy yourself!


Makeover Your Shed into a Cocktail Bar

Turning your shed into a bar isn’t as easy as slapping some liquor bottles on a shelf and installing some chairs. You need ambiance, style and comfort.

First you need to decide on your style. Do you want your bar to say corner pub, cocktail lounge or classy?


bar_shed_interior_DSC8191 costco_ridgemoor_shed_BAR_MAN_CAVE_INTERIOR_2 costco_ridgemoor_shed_BAR_MAN_CAVE_INTERIOR_3 Pub - Bar Shed - Man Cave

pub bar shed idea

Be sure to check out this bar shed concept by Heartland.

Serve your drinks up in style! Photo Credit:
Serve your drinks up in style! Photo Credit:
garden bar backyard shed
Bottles up! Photo Credit:
backyard bar ideas
Tiki bar designed and constructed by Heartland Industries. Where is the beer?
bar shed tiki
If they were to remake the movie “Cocktail”, this would be the perfect backyard bar. Couldn’t you picture Tom Cruise standing here?

Use Your Bar Shed for Home brewing

Aside from mixing drinks, another great use for a backyard bar is that you will have some space for home brews if that’s your pleasure.

There are many alcoholic beverages that can be home brewed, such as beer, cider, sake and mead. It’s a fun and fairly inexpensive hobby to get started. The typical home brewer will need to outlay approximately $20- $100 for a home brewing equipment supply.

How to Stock Your Bar

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Outfitting your bar isn’t going to be an inexpensive undertaking. If you wish to have a fully stocked bar the basic liquors you’ll need are:

  • Tequila
  • Rum
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey/Bourbon
  • Scotch
  • Gin



Basic Bar Recipes

Anyone can mix up a rum and coke, but if you’re going to play bartender in your backyard, you’ll need to know the recipes for these basic drinks.

  • Martini
  • Manhattan
  • Margarita
  • Bloody Mary
  • Daiquiri
  • Pina Colada
  • Irish coffee
  • Mint Julep
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Mai Tai
  • Tom Collins

Creative Ways to Stock Your Bar

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As I mentioned before, fully stocking a bar isn’t going to be something most people can afford to do all in one fell swoop. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to fill it up immediately. Buy your favorite liquors, some wine and keep some beer in the fridge. Add to it each month when you have extra cash on hand. But if you want to get it up to snuff, don’t take out a loan. Here are a few creative ways to stock your liquor cabinet in a hurry.

  • Have a party to celebrate your new space. Ask everyone to bring a bottle of liquor to contribute. Most people (hopefully) aren’t going to drink an entire bottle, so voila! when they are gone, you’ll have several fairly new bottles of liquor to add to your collection.
  • Buy in bulk. A lot of stores will offer discounts if you buy a certain number of bottles. You can save a dollar or two per bottle if you purchase in bulk.
  • Buy straight from the source. Visit some local distilleries and see if you can buy at wholesale prices. There are often small distilleries around that may work to give you a discount if you purchase several bottles.

Backyard Bars Are the Newest Trend

Backyard bars are becoming popular all over the world. With more bars banning smoking, the cost of living prices going up, and with so many people working from home, it seems only natural that the backyard bar is becoming the new neighborhood bar.

Enough of the small talk. Lets show off some more pictures. Grab your drink of choice and enjoy! Join us in the conversation @backyardbar. Please drink responsibly. 

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Photo Credit:


fun backyard bar ideas
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shedmaster bar
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custom bar sheds


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Photo Credit:
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What Sheds are Best for Backyard Bars?

We have different sizes and style sheds depending on what you are looking for, but we have a few suggestions that are best for backyard bar sheds. Try these:

8×8 Seneca

  • The 8×8 Seneca from our value series is the perfect size for a backyard bar. It’s big enough to fit everything you need, but small enough for a backyard bar.
  • With its double doors, it’s easy to bring products in and out and all our shed’s siding is rot and decay resistant.

8x8 Seneca model shed

10×8 Heritage

  • Our 10×8 Heritage model shed is a quality shed, perfect for creating an impressive backyard bar. It’s constructed to withstand elements and has durable elements like steel reinforced doors, aluminum threshold and treated floor joists.


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