You’ve been hankering for a nice shed in your backyard to match your home that also requires practically no maintenance. Don’t worry, we have your answer.

low maintenance shed
Vinyl sheds make a great low-maintenance option

Vinyl sided sheds are a great low maintenance solution.

Maintenance free vinyl siding has great durability and the strength of wood framing makes for an exceptional storage solution.

Thanks to Louisiana Pacific, the wood frame is resistant to termites and fungal decay. And the best part, no yearly maintenance is required!

The combination of vinyl siding and LP® framing is what makes the Sentry shed so strong and durable.

Vinyl siding has become a very popular choice by many homeowners due to its versatility and durability.

Vinyl siding looks fresh for years and offers an affordable option to many people looking for something that won’t require maintenance or upgrading.


Additionally, vinyl siding is also an environmentally-friendly option. All the materials are recycled and recyclable. And vinyl siding uses fewer resources to maintain.

Quality Construction at a Great Price

On the flip side, vinyl siding is also a preferred material in construction due to its quality and price. It is currently one of the most commonly used synthetics in construction because of all of the many benefits it affords homeowner and builders.

steel door on shedOur vinyl sided sheds have eight colors of siding to choose from. Steel, raised panel double doors are factory primed with a keyed locking handle. Door location placement is flexible, with options for gable or eave side. The construction is premium 2X4 with a heavy duty floor with 16 inch joist spacing. Lastly, it comes in 3 different sizes: 10×8, 10×12 and 10×16.

Vinyl Sided Sheds – The Affordable Low Maintenance Solution

If you’ve been wanting a good quality, low-maintenance shed, then consider our vinyl-sided option for quality, ease of care, affordability and long-lasting storage.


vinyl sheds
10×8 vinyl sided shed
window for light
22″x30″ window with shutters

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