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Painting a Shed Made Easy with LP Smartside Siding

painting a shed

Not only is LP siding resilient, it’s makes painting a shed super easy and fun!

Painting a shed is made easy thanks to the properties of LP™ siding. LP™ SmartSide siding is made by Louisiana Pacific, in a manufacturing process to prevent termite damage, rot and decay in wood. It is made from wood particles and wood fibers. All of our wood sheds feature LP™ siding. Many ask us if our sheds can be easily painted…

And the answer is yes!

LP™ siding comes specially treated with a compound to deter fungus and termites. The exterior is treated with a resin to complete the process, with a look of real wood grain. But adding a coat of paint helps seal the shed, giving it an added layer of protection. The siding not only looks fantastic, it makes painting a shed an enjoyable DIY project.

Tips for Painting a Shed – Surface Preparation:

 1. Before you start painting a shed, clean the surface to ensure that the paint adheres properly. Make sure the surface is smooth and free of any debris or old, peeling paint. If your shed is older, using a pressure washer to clean off old paint is ideal. If your shed is new, just do a quick rub down to ensure that any flecks of dirt or packaging material are removed before you get started.
 2. Tape off parts that you don’t want painted. Blue paint tape will not remove existing paint and will keep your paint job looking crisp and clean.

blue tape for painting old shed

Blue tape may be your best friend if you’re painting an old shed or to keep precise lines…

 3. Apply oil based primer. Applying primer is not entirely necessary, but it will give an added layer of protection to your shed. Primer also keeps a layer of protection between your paint and the original coat for future painting projects.

oil based paint to match shed

When painting your shed, using an oil based primer will give you an added layer of protection for many years of worry-free storage use.

 4. Use a premium quality, 100% acrylic latex paint such as Sherwin Williams imageA- 100 exterior paint.

best paint for wood sheds

The best paint to use on a wood shed is 100% acrylic latex paint.

 5. Use a paint gun. Again, this is not entirely necessary, but for evenness and quality paint job, we recommend using a paint gun. Be sure to apply your coats lightly, instead of one thick heavy coat, to avoid drips. Hold the sprayer approximately 10-12 inches from the shed and overlap the spray pattern around 30% to achieve even coverage.

Using a paint gun while painting your LP siding shed will give you an even paint job.

Using a paint gun while painting your LP siding shed will give you an even paint job.

 6. Use a high quality paint brush. If you choose to use a paint brush instead of a paint gun, choose a high quality brush to avoid streaks and dripping.

paint brush for DIY outdoor painting

Using a high quality paint brush will give you better results every time.

 7. Check for missing spots. At the end of your paint job, go back with a critical eye and check for missing spots. You want to make sure that all your hard work leaves you with a professional looking paint job!


Painting a Wood Shed Is Easy AND Fun…

Painting a shed with LP™ siding isn’t hard. Just following these basic painting steps will help you get a beautiful color and give your backyard that attractive quality you desire. Good luck and have fun!

painted shed

Painted shed shown. 10×12 Seneca for outdoor storage.

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