wood playhouse
Carrington Cottage Wood Playhouse is a great way to get your kids outside playing every day.

I don’t know about you, but every chance my daughter gets to play in a spot that is different from her typical play areas, she wholeheartedly engages. Having a wood playhouse in your backyard can encourage your children to play outside simply because it is different than what they are used to. Even when they get used to playing in the playhouse, it will still continue to be novel. I’ve never met a child, boy or girl, who didn’t love outdoor playhouses.

Even for the child who typically doesn’t like outside play, having a wood playhouse in your backyard will stimulate new ways to play.

Not only will your child enjoy the same types of activities they do inside, but they will be getting fresh air, sunshine and a healthy dose of physical activity from running in and out of the playhouse.

Outdoor Playhouses Increases Healthy Habits

Enjoying outdoor playhouses can increase the amount of time spent outside. Outside play iswood playhouse for kids one way to encourage health habits of physical activity, fresh air, and sunshine.

Getting your child outside at least once a day develops a daily habit of exercise, which can lead to healthy exercise habits.


Varying Uses for Your Playhouse


A playhouse doesn’t have to be just for toddlers and preschoolers pretending to work in an ice cream shop, playhouses can have many uses.

Starting when children are young, a playhouse can be useful for the imaginary play of a toddler. As the children age, a playhouse can become many things.

  • A clubhouse
  • An artist studio
  • A music area
  • A library/reading area
  • A backyard camping cabin
  • A sports den

Get creative with your kids as they age to make the playhouse useful at all ages. With each season of your child’s life, they will find uses for the playhouse that incorporate into their current interests.

Wood Sheds Double as an Outdoor Playhouse

10x8 Arlington model shed
Outdoor playhouses and a storage shed. A great combination for parents and kids!

Our beautiful outdoor sheds can double as a playhouse. Use it for seasonal storage or turn it into a shed once the kids outgrow it. The great thing about our wood sheds is that they will never run out of uses. Whether it is being used for tea parties or imaginary diners, or it’s being used to store holiday decorations, this backyard playhouse/shed will continue to be useful for years to come.

When it comes to the benefits of a outdoor playhouse, they are many. It’s one of the best ways to get your kids outside playing and getting in some much need outside time for all the seasons of their lives.

Which Sheds Make the Best Playhouses?

Our Seneca Model Sheds

  • The 8×8 Seneca is our smallest shed, perfect for small backyards and kids’ playhouses.
  • Equipped with decay resistant siding and full-length galvanized steel hinges.
8x8 Seneca model shed
Our 8×8 Seneca model shed

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