backyard playhouse for kidsHaving a playhouse in your backyard can have great health benefits for your child who may not get outside enough.

A play house opens up the opportunities for a child to go back and forth in and out of the weather, getting additional fresh air, Vitamin D, and extra exercise that they might not get while playing inside the house.

Health Benefits of Fresh Air

Getting much needed fresh air has many health benefits. If your child is playing in a playhouse out in the backyard, rather than inside the house they are much more likely to run in and out, therefore getting much needed fresh air.

  • Fresh air relaxes your body, therefore making you sleep better. Young children need anywhere from 10-12 hours of sleep each night. Getting fresh air every day will help them achieve this goal.
  • Fresh air cleans your lungs.
  • Fresh air energizes your body and brain.

 Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a much needed vitamin often found lacking in many people. The great thing about Vitamin D is that it can easily be absorbed through the skin by playing outside for just a few minutes. In the average Caucasian child, as little as five minutes in the sun each day metabolizes the proper daily dose of Vitamin D. People with darker skin need longer in the sun, anywhere from five minutes to 45 minutes depending on the amount of melanin in skin.

Vitamin D helps promote proper absorption of much needed minerals, including calcium and phosphorous. These promote strong bones and a healthy immune system. Promoting healthy immunity will keep your children from becoming ill quickly.

Vitamin D prevents osteomalacia and rickets. Both are diseases that affect bone strength.

Vitamin D also assists in preventing and relieving a host of other problems like: depression; muscle aches; regulates blood pressure; reduces stress; reduces respiratory infections; aids in insulin secretion; improves skin health; and improves cardiovascular strength.

Pro and Cons of Vitamin D

kids playing in playhouses

Health Benefits of Exercise

Children also need exercise. Unlike adults, exercise doesn’t typically take the form of a controlled time and space. But playing outside will naturally increase the amount of time children will spend moving their bodies.

  • Exercise keeps weight down.
  • Exercise relieves stress. These days, children are under more stress than in previous generations. It’s important to find ways to help them relieve it every single day.
  • Exercise promotes healthy sleep and relaxation.
  • Exercise promotes healthy digestion and stronger immune system.

A Backyard Playhouse is the Natural Solution to Promote Exercise

Having a playhouse in your backyard could naturally promote all of these health benefits backyard playhouse for kidsin your child. Giving your children good reasons to play outside will have long lasting effects on their health and well-being.


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