small garden shed
8X8 Seneca shed, a small shed for your backyard.

There are so many great reasons to purchase a small shed: zoning restrictions; HOA rules; downsizing; purging. In this day and age, our society as a whole has started to realize the cost of having too much. Buying a smaller shed can not only keep your yard clutter free, but it can also be a huge relief.

The Benefits of a Small Shed


Zoning Restrictions


One reason to buy a small shed is to stay within zoning restrictions. Building codes usually require that you have a certain amount of land space around the shed. So if you have a smaller backyard, you’ll need a smaller shed. Many cities require building permits to install a shed. It’s best to contact your local Public Works Department to find out what size shed you can legally install in your yard, and what the zoning requirements are in your neighborhood. Typically, an 8X8 shed (our smallest shed) will meet building code requirements in most areas. This is one of the most practical reasons to buy a small shed.


HOA Rules


Another practical reason to look into a smaller shed is possible HOA rules. The average HOA probably doesn’t restrict backyard sheds, but some Homeowners Associations may have rules about size, quality of construction, color, matching scheme and basic architecture. Some HOAs may also have rules about size. If the size matters, they will typically prefer a smaller shed, not a larger shed. It’s best to check with your HOA (if you have one) before settling in on which shed you desire.




Any homeowner who does his/her own lawn work knows the value of having a backyard shed. It keeps lawn equipment handy and out of inclement weather. It’s certainly more convenient than dragging tools and lawnmowers back and forth from the garage. It keeps the rest of your house and garage less cluttered.

Buying a smaller shed can help you downsize. Perhaps you are transitioning to a new phase of life. There are many reasons to downsize, empty nest, divorce, or simply looking to own less things. Buying a smaller shed can help you really take a look at what’s important and then you can get rid of the rest.


Purging/Minimizing Stuff


If you’ve ever watched an episode of Hoarders,tools to organize inside you understand the value of purging. When you buy a small shed, you will be able to see the space and know that you only have just enough room to store what you really need. The good and the bad of owning a home is the amount of stuff you can accumulate. If you have a smaller shed, you are less likely to keep extra stuff that you really don’t need.

The Benefits of a Small Shed are Pretty “Big”

While we also have many larger sheds and there are many wonderful reasons to own a large shed, the benefits of a small shed are also pretty “big!”

get small shed
Even if you have a small shed, look at how many items you can fit inside!

Which Small Shed Is Best For Your Backyard?


8×8 Seneca


  • Our smallest shed, the 8×8 Seneca, is our best value. It’s a perfect size for small backyards, but still big enough to fit everything you need.
  • All our sheds have treated siding to withstand rot and decay. The Seneca also has¬†galvanized steel hinges and strong wood construction.
8x8 Seneca model shed
Our 8×8 Seneca model shed

10×8 Arlington

  • The smallest of our Heritage series, 10×8 Arlington, looks beautiful in smaller backyards while still having the quality features our sheds are known for.
  • The Arlington has aluminum thresholds, extended roof overhangs provide lasting protection and extra-wide steel reinforced doors.
10x8 Arlington model shed
Our 10×8 Arlington model shed