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Gazebos offer so many benefits to your backyard. They add the perfect touch to gardens and landscape designs. They also offer a nice place to relax with your friends at a barbecue. Due to their elegant designs, they are often chosen as a backdrop in wedding photos.

Most gazebos can easily be customized with a variety of accessoriessuch as flower boxes, benches and tables and even screen kits to provide you additional functionality. There are many different types of gazebos to choose from. Learn which gazebo is right for your needs.

Types of Gazebos:

  1.  Steel /Metal Gazebos
  2. Wood /Cedar Gazebos
  3. Vinyl Gazebos

Metal / Steel Gazebos

steel gazebo

Metal gazebos are ideal for public parks, public entertainment areas such as golf courses and outdoor concerts. Metal is very hard to vandalize due to its overall strength. Metal gazebos offer several different styles and sizes including covered gazebos, distinct designs on the panels, rails, decorative roofing, weathervanes and finales.


Unfortunately, metal gazebos require assembly and can be very heavy. In fact, lifting equipment may be necessary to assemble a metal or steel gazebo. They can also be prone to rust over time. Metal /steel is not the best type of gazebo material to choose for your backyard at home.

Wood/ Cedar Gazebos

cedar gazebos
Cedar Gazebos

Cedar gazebos offer the best looking style to any backyard. They are much easier to install and customize then the other types of gazebos. Cedar gazebos are usually treated to be decay and insect resistant, so your gazebo will last for a long time. In addition, wood is strong enough to handle heavy snow loads and heavy winds. Even the smell of cedar is fantastic!

Cedar gazebos come in different shapes such as ovals and circles. You can easily add accessories to wood gazebos such as: flower boxes, screen kits, 2-tier roof, benches, tables and decorative trim.

Click here to see our hand-crafted cedar gazebos. We have several different variations of gazebos. Octagonal gazebos, 10 and 12 sided.


Vinyl Gazebos

vinyl gazebo
Vinyl Gazebo

This is not one of our favorite types of gazebos as it looks very similar to plastic. While vinyl gazebos are virtually maintenance free, they do not add much appeal to backyards. If you’re looking to add more visual appeal and entertainment space, we suggest staying away from vinyl gazebos.

Best Type of Gazebo:

While you may claim we are biased in concluding that wood gazebos are the best type of gazebo to buy, we have 35 years of experience that tells us wood is the longest lasting material to use. Wood will never go out of style and it offers the best and most naturalistic look to any backyard. Let your backyard entertainment begin!

Backyard Buildings & More has two other gazebos to choose from:

The Brighton Gazebo

  • The Brighton Gazebo is crafted from select tight-knot cedar which is strong and resistant to the wrath of Mother Nature such as decay and insect infestation.
gazebo with flower box
Our Brighton Gazebo

Coronado Gazebo

  • The Coronado Gazebo has elegant spindle styling and includes decorative metal cap with two wooden finials along with a 10-year Top-to-Bottom Warranty.
    gazebo with guest having dinner underneath
    Our Coronado Gazebo



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Posted by Denisa

This picture makes me so sad! My paetrns had always wanted to live on the water. The day they found out I was pregnant with my first child, they bought land in Virginia on a lake and had a house built. My father was very excited and was planning on building a gazebo down by the lake (just like your picture!!). Here it is 19 years later, my father is old and frail, has diabetes, and thinking about moving somewhere with less maintenance. So sad.

Posted on August 4, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Posted by Susan Makepeace

I wanted prices for a steel/metal gazebo, roughly 12×16. It must be CSA and be heavy enought for public use.

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 3:18 pm

Posted by bdeitsch

Hi Susan,
I am sorry, we only manufacture wood/cedar gazebos. We do have a 12×16 gazebo made out of cedar. Feel free to give us a call if you have any further questions! Thanks.

Posted on January 30, 2014 at 9:02 am

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[…] gazebo provides shade and cover in the rain for your dining or seating area. It is a cheaper alternative […]

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