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Gardening is an enjoyable hobby for some and for the others, it is a chore. It depends on how you perceive your landscape. Is your backyard a place to unwind and enjoy the warmth of the sun and blue skies or is it merely a place for your kids to play. If your backyard is used more by your kids and you need additional storage space, you would just get a standard wood shed. However, if your garden and landscape is your passion, a greenhouse shed is the best solution for you.

It’s a Shed. No, it’s a Greenhouse. How About Both?

Most likely if you’re an avid gardener, you will respect the many advantages of a greenhouse. Chances are you will also need a place to store garden tools and equipment and other items. Why not combine the advantages of a greenhouse and a storage shed in one? It makes perfect sense, right? You can call it whatever you want, we didn’t patent the name “greenhouse sheds”, we just perfected the design.

What Exactly is a Greenhouse?

By definition a greenhouse (also called a glasshouse) is a building in which plants are largest green house in the worldgrown. They can be very small and very large. Just look at the picture on the left. Titled The Eden Project, in Cornwall, England, is the world’s largest greenhouse!

Thanks to the glass roof, the natural sunlight is absorbed by plants and soil. Greenhouses give you more control over the environment plants live in. In fact, you can control the amount of light, temperature, water, fertilizer and atmosphere.

When it comes to picking out a greenhouse shed, find a spot in the yard that gets the most sunlight.  Morning sunlight from the east is sufficient for most plants. Once your building is installed, you can enjoy the benefits of a greenhouse and a storage shed.
interior of glasshouse

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Greenhouse Shed

1. Since it can also be used for storage, they’re a multi-functional building.
2. It can be fun. Gardeners can now have the ideal environment for their plants. Just plant the seeds and watch them grow. Plus, you can do this all year long!
3. It’s “organical”. If you enjoy eating organic vegetables and enjoying Mother Nature, a greenhouse shed is perfect for you. It’s healthy for your mind and body!vegetables
4. Saves you money. By growing your own food, you save money over purchasing at your local grocery store. It also makes it much more convenient. If you’re looking to make a salad for dinner, just go straight to your backyard to gather the ingredients.
5. Make extra money. Since your greenhouse is the ideal environment for plants, you have the opportunity to grow a lot of vegetables and flowers. In turn, you may be able to sell them at a Farmer’s Market or community event.

Unlike a typical storage building, greenhouse sheds compliment most garden and landscape designs. Remember, you can paint your building any color you would like. If you love to garden and are looking for additional storage space, consider buying a greenhouse building. It will brighten up your day and help your plants grow in near perfect conditions.

Click here to view more information about our greenhouse shed entitled “Aurora“. The Aurora is available as a kit and is built on site. We also have several different accessories available such as a power ventilation fan, solar shades, cedar bench and a large window.

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Posted on September 14, 2012 at 3:25 pm

Posted by bdeitsch

A greenhouse needs to allow adequate amount of sunlight to reach the plants. A greenhouse creates an environment that is perfect for plants! So, yes a greenhouse should always have windows to allow sunlight in. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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if you are going use 2x6s for your sub floor i would use 8.your 4 cornersand your 4 on ceentr between the corners.if you use 2 8 i would thinkjust the 4 corners would be enough.(sonotube filled with cement) makesure you put the crown of the board up.if you go with the 4 4 suggestiondo not set them in concrete! they will absorb moisture crack theconcrete and eventually rot. when you pour your cement set an anchorbolt in it (1/2 8 with hook on the end). as used in foundations. nowyou can use post bracket to set your post on (buy them at Lowe’s orhome depot) or drill a 5/8 hole in a block of wood and bolt it to the topof the pier. then you can nail your band board to the block of wood.(block on the inside of course) note: make sure your piers are leveland layed out square.

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Most of your home centers have plans and kits. stop at one and ask. Lumber yards, (here we have 84 Lumber) that cater more to concrattors and carry mostly lumber and not so much of the other stuff is another source. BTW, Just a thought. Consider a 10X14 size. Same size but a much better looking building.

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