craigs list used storage shedsEveryone loves to save money. We even become so obsessed to save money on gas that we drive five extra miles just to save five cents. When fuel at the pump costs on the upwards of $3.50, does this idea really pay off? Along that same idea, many people are looking to save money on sheds by searching for Craigslist storage sheds online. We are here to educate you that not all craigslist listings for sheds are what they are cracked up to be.


craigslist storage sheds
Do your research before you buy a shed on Craigslist

Craigslist: A Brief History


Craigslist is a simple, free to use website that allows users to post ads for their belongings. Consider it “online classifieds” for used and new items. While some of the listings on Craigslist are 100% legitimate, there are several scam artists looking to make a quick buck. However, using your own “street smarts”, you can determine whether buying a new or used shed on Craigslist is the right choice for you.


Buying a Shed on Craigslist vs. Backyard Buildings and More


While looking at the used storage building above, everything seems to look fine.  This cheap shed is selling for $400. You might be right in thinking that it is a “steal of a deal”, however, the seller is the one who is going to steal your hard earned money.

This picture is of a freshly painted shed. Underneath the lies of latex based paint is a shed that is infested with termites. The wood was not treated to be rot and insect resistant. Due to the termites, the shed has been severely compromised and would be lucky to stand up for more than two years.

Here are the other possible outcomes if you had bought this Craigslist storage shed:

  • Mold would begin to grow, thus putting you and your family at risk for respiratory infection.
  • All of your tools and other items will rust and become useless.
  • The shed would become an eyesore to your neighbors. Your neighbors would then demote you from the hand-wave to a delicate head nod for all standard greetings.
  • Most importantly, a waste of $400 and your precious time.

Other Things to Consider when Shopping on Craigslist


How is the used shed going to be transported? Our buildings are made using treated wood that is freshly packed and is ready for delivery. Make sure that the seller is not compromising the integrity of the shed during transportation. Every shed should be transported using a long, flatbed truck (similar to the truck in the photo on the left). If they are trying to fit a 10 x 12 shed on the bed of a Ford Ranger, cancel your order immediately.

used storage shed removal

Customer Service: Need Help, Good Luck!


After you purchase a cheap shed on Craigslist, once the seller leaves, you will be on your own. There usually is not a 9:00a-5:00p helpline to answer any of your questions. Be prepared to figure out any under-lying issues on your own because many sellers will not provide further assistance. Click here to see our selection of our Value series sheds.

Where are the Storage Sheds Made


While you may find a Craigslist ad for a shed in your native state of Colorado, if the shed’s price is too good to be true, it probably is. At Backyard Buildings and More, we manufacture all of our sheds, gazebos and pergolas in Monroe, Michigan. The employee’s are given fair wages that allow them to contribute to the local economy. Many of the sellers on Craigslist purchase lower-grade lumber from China to save on costs. While it may save the seller on costs, it is only costing you more money.

Think Long Term


We are not stating that all listings of Craigslist sheds are a scam, we are simply stating that it is important to think twice before pursuing a used shed. In these economic times many people are left scrambling for ideas to make money. Don’t be the one falling for a “money making scheme”. See if the seller has reliable customer reviews. The question you should be asking yourself is: what will benefit me the most in the long term? If you’re having difficulty finding the right storage solution for you, click here for more information.

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Our Installers Make Sure it is Done Right. Every Time!

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